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In the brilliance of the morning
As the sun begins to shine
There is a tiny moment
When I fear it won't be mine
For I've known a dark existence
A time without the light
But I will never give in
I'll make my future bright
My soul is not a captive
My heart is strong and brave
I always yearn for freedom
To have the wings I crave
This need I have inside me
The pull of what is right
It rises like a phoenix
It's always worth the fight
With every step I'm taking
With every road I choose
I'm finding who I really am
There's more to gain than lose
I'm learning that my power
Is stronger than my fear
That love and happy moments
Are always very near
The darkness cannot have me
I will not be claimed
My spirit is a wild wind
A fire that won't be tamed
In the brilliance of the morning
As the sun begins to shine
There is a tiny moment
When I fear it won't be mine
But tiny moments leave me
And soon I come to find
The light is all around me
Fear is only in my mind
:icontawey:Tawey 1 0
Dark the girl who drinks the night
Leaking, seeping, sorry fright
Bright the dawn, the burning sun
All the stars see dawn has won
Hidden under waxy shell,
Girl appears to shine as well
On she goes in glory, pride
No one knows what lies inside
When the dawn, bold, shows its face
Dark girl’s wax begins to waste
Thought she was the one who shined
Then the pure forced her to find:
Night consumes; the thing she drank
Now watch dawn resume girl’s rank
:icontawey:Tawey 0 0
Waxy drips of melted moon
Seeping in far, far too soon
Waxy poison if its seeked—
Took it in and out it leaked
But if you let it come to you
It’s the sweetest golden dew
Though, once it falls return it soon
The waxy drips of golden moon
I see cold; a bitter place
And the moon—a dying race
Die we all for supposed worth
Doomed moon drips and in its berth:
Greedy men fall in their wealth
In crept death—no need for stealth
Can we turn; not seek out moon,
Or will our fates be sealed too soon?
:icontawey:Tawey 0 0
Bells of the Heavens
Sleeping dreams on rusted hinges
Seeping raindrops heaven binges
Sorry Raven’s scratchy singing
Yet the heaven’s bells are ringing
Here they crash, their wings a’ dripping
In their wake we all are slipping
And these bells, why are they falling?
Our hearts’ songs down here are stalling
Dark trees drip with broken souls
Auras leak through open holes
Eyes go blind from all the blurs
Ears go deaf; hear only slurs
Since the dawn of broken time
Bells have fallen; what a crime
Have we lost our heart’s true song?
Was this the problem all along?
:icontawey:Tawey 0 0
Bluebird sings atop the branches
Down below lays empty ranches
Weeds of sorrow; dripping clashes
Wearing ribbons; burdened sashes
Freezing roses; mocked and scorned
Choked out by forgotten thorns
Bluebird sings atop the mountains
Singing of the long gone fountains
‘Midst the wasteland down below
Bluebird dares not ever go
Dead the weeds all dressed in red
Would rather be bluebird instead
Bluebird sings; a song of care
For weeds below did not prepare
Did not learn to reach for sky
Now the weeds will never fly
Weeds of sorrow; dying dreamers
Wearing ribbons; burdened streamers
Freezing roses; mocked and scorned
For these roses, bluebird mourned
Choked out by forgotten thorns
Outlasted by a thousand morns
It is you the bluebird warns
Be not the roses; poor, forlorn
:icontawey:Tawey 1 0
Candle Wear
Lilly’s heart and Hay land’s hair
Twisting ivy, Candle wear
Showering sparks from bleeding hearts
Amber wax from willow darts
Azure rain and Daisy chain
Cherry moon and Red bat’s croon
Flaming trees that shower sun
Bee’s liquid gold sweet summer spun
Lilly’s heart and Hay land’s hair
Twisting ivy, Candle wear
:icontawey:Tawey 1 0
A Crazy Halloween
Fall is the craziest season of all
When Halloween pays me a call
Three ghosts just moved into my basement
And moaned loudly about the TV’s placement
A vampire turned into a bat
And got in a fight with my neighbor’s cat
My neighbor is actually a witch
Who dared to make a troubling switch
She changed a zombie into a mouse
Her cat chased him around the house
By the time I caught the cat
Old Frankenstein wanted to chat
I told him that it would have to wait
A mummy had showed up at my gate
She asked if I had seen her cousin
But she must have had at least a dozen
Before she could tell me which she meant
A werewolf gave my car a dent
As he told me he would cover the cost
A goblin said that he was lost
I tried to point him on his way
But this sure was a crazy day
I didn’t know just where to send him
So I acted on a small whim
I told him that he could stay here
The goblin gave a happy cheer
And so my Halloween came to an end
But not the finish of my Halloween trend
Despite the
:icontawey:Tawey 0 0
Lost in darkness, wings are dripping
Eyes know blindness, feet are slipping
Why are birds lost in their sorrow?
When the dawn brings hope to follow
Caged in choices; burdened, crying
While the rest have started flying
Why do birds see only darkness?
As if pulled by slavery’s harness
Open eyes and see the beauty
Floating ‘round us, in us truly
Birds be free, unchanged forever
To the dark sing “I will never!”
All around the dawn is breaking
Birds from cages dawn is taking
Some still see a darkened sky
They are blind but don’t care why
Birds be free; don’t close your eyes
With open wings, take to the skies
Why do birds not choose to fly
When above them waits the sky?
Chained in choices, they won’t see
The beauty there, the mystery
Choosing to in darkness hide
True beauty they will never find
The beauty lies outside their door
Soon they won’t see it anymore
:icontawey:Tawey 0 0
Another random drawing ^.^ :icontawey:Tawey 0 0 Random OC from my novel ^.^ :icontawey:Tawey 0 0 Elf Girl :icontawey:Tawey 0 0 Drawing from March 2014 ^.^ :icontawey:Tawey 0 0 Random Sketch ^.^ :icontawey:Tawey 1 0 Unnamed OC :icontawey:Tawey 0 2 Hawthorn :icontawey:Tawey 0 0



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United States
Hiya! I'm Tawey :tmnt1: I'm a writer and hobbyist artist who loves linguistics, cultural anthropology, and ancient history/mythology.

I've been teaching myself to draw since December 2013, and I like drawing fairly anime-style people the most. I nearly always draw directly with sharpie :3 You can't fix mistakes very easily (or at all) that way, but I like it regardless ^.^ Still, my skills are pretty meager so far XD

I'm really more of a writer and conlanger (one who creates artificial langauges) than an artist overall :tmnt2: I'll hopefully have more conlang and writing stuff up soon XD

Ovipets players: My ovi username is Capercaillie Skye =D
Flight Rising players: My FR username is CapercaillieSkye =)
Formspring peoples: My FS username is JellyfishCaper :3

I answer to Tawey, Brenan, Caper, or Saki =) Use whichever name you like best ^.^

**DISCLAIMER: My profile picture is art owned by me, drawn by lethalinjectionjanine on the game Ovipets. It is not free use, so don't use it in any way. Thank you :3
This is really fun, you should definitely check it out :nod:
ANOTHER PIXEL RAFFLEI had so much fun seeing my watchers posting they characters ;)
so here we go again ;)
I will make another sleepy pixel raffle <3 
- you need to watch me to enter
- you need to like this Journal
- post 1 or more characters I should draw when you win (I will choose one of them - please don'T post more then 3 )
-  post a piece of art you like and I made
extra Tickets: 
- make a journal or a poll (1 ticket)
- link 3 friends to this raffle (1 ticket)
(they are 100x100)
this will end 30th of May
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Zaiberr-y is hosting a really cool giveaway, go check it out! =D


This :tmnt2:  Is the best day :tmnt1:  Of my LIFE! :tmnt4:

^ Anyone who read that in Mikey's voice is awesome :tmnt3:


Okay I'm done now XD


Maybe XD


Maybe not XD


Definitely not XD

:tmnt3: :tmnt2: :tmnt4: :tmnt1:


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